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The Tropical Diseases Research Centre Administration Department is responsible for providing administrative and logistical support to all the departments of the Centre. In particular, the Department:

The Administration Department is headed by a Board Secretary who is the legal Counsel of the institution and it comprises the under listed units.

Human Resources Unit

The Unit handles employee related matters such as recruitment, training, motivation, remuneration and separation to ensure that the Centre objectives are achieved. Issues of ensuring an enabling work environment also fall within the Human Resource domain.

The goal of the unit is to facilitate the creation of an open, honest and high performing workforce by ensuring effective interaction of goals of all the respective units and departments of the Centre

The unit seeks to ensure the following:

  1. adequate staffing levels in the Centre
  2. continuous staff development
  3. equitable and timely remuneration of employees
  4. routine maintenance of the Centre’s infrastructure.

Accounts Unit

The Accounts Unit is responsible for proper accountability of all funds for the Centre. These funds come from the Government Republic of Zambia (GRZ) and cooperating partners.  The government will continue to be a key stakeholder both in policy direction and financing. Nevertheless, this plan aspires to reduce TDRC’s over-dependence on GRZ funding. The disbursement of the GRZ grants, however, has not been without challenges.

The goal of the unit is to provide accurate and up to date information for stakeholders’ decision making process and promote innovation and mitigating risks.

The unit seeks to support Centre income generating ventures and improve the existing ones in order to supplement the Government Grant.

Procurement Unit

The Unit is charged with the responsibility of procuring all Centre requirements i.e. goods, services and works.

The Centre’s Procurement function has fully adopted the Public Procurement Act of 2008 and operates in accordance with the Public Procurement Regulations in line with the Statutory Instruction No.63 of 2011.

Procurement Unit is secretariat to the Centre’s Procurement Committee and ensures that the Committee is certified by the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) for a given period of three (3) years.

The unit plays a pivotal role in the supply chain management of the Centre by working closely with the end-users and coordinate procurement of goods and services in an efficient and effective manner to meet the needs and improve the Centre’s wellbeing

The unit’s strategic objectives are:

  1. To procure goods and services from registered suppliers
  2. To enhance transparency in all procurement dealings.
  3. To promote competition among suppliers of goods, works, service providers.
  4. To conduct all procurements in the most effective, efficient and economical (3Es) manner.
  5. To conduct all procurements in the fairest manner.
  6. To take full accountability of all procurements conducted.

ICT – Informatics /Information & Library Services Unit

The unit is a health informatics supporting arm of the Centre. The unit deploys a reliable state of the art electronic server data center which serves the entire institution.

The unit seeks to sustain electronic mail hosting services, offer reliable access to peer reviewed publications, grey literature and scientific data base repositories, ensure central electronic server data center for storage, process and to disseminate services to enable secured access to Local Area Network (LAN) electronic resources.

The unit’s goal is to equip the unit with state of the art ICT infrastructure to facilitate TDRC meet its research mandate.

The Unit’s strategic objectives are:

  1. To scale up both fixed network and wireless critical mission LAN infrastructure for existing and emerging segments.
  2. To maintain institutional LAN and state of art server infrastructure.
  3. To strengthen capacity of ICT/Informatics personnel in technical and administrative network server and TDRC staff in utilization of ICT services.
  4. To provide timely access to scientific literature and other resources to support research.
  5. To sustain ICT services to support scientific and administrative activities of the Centre and stakeholders.

Stores Unit

The unit is responsible for receiving of incoming goods, store and issue them as required.

The unit’s goal is to eliminate excess inventory, ensuring safety of inventory as well as accuracy of inventory system.

Its strategic objective is to efficiently and economically provide the right goods at the right time when it is required and in the condition in which it is required.

Transport Unit

Transport Unit provides reliable transport services in order to contribute to the attainment of Centre objectives

Security Unit

The Security Unit ensures the protection of the Centre’s property and safeguards life and maintains peace and order.