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Minister Proud of TDRC’s Culture of Excellency

Minister of Health Hon. Sylvia Masebo, says the culture of excellency that TDRC has exhibited in its operations was extremely impressive. The Minister said she was proud of how organised and clean the institution was and implored other government institutions to emulate the Centre

“Clearly TDRC has demonstrated a culture of excellency in everything they do and for the first time, I’m proud to be Minister of Health” said Mrs Masebo.

The Minister was on a tour of TDRC to familiarise herself with the operations of Centre and its capacity to perform its role as the research arm of the Ministry of Health.

She toured the Parasitology, the Nutrition and the Molecular laboratories during which the TDRC Director informed her the TDRC laboratories were accredited by Southern African Development Community Accreditation Services (SADCAS) which meant all the research work conducted in the laboratories were internationally recognised. The Director however, bemoaned the high cost of maintenance of the Accreditation status of the laboratories and requested for government’s support to meet the cost.

In response the Minister assured TDRC Management that her Ministry will not only ensure that TDRC gets a fair share of the research funds in the Ministry Health but also ensure that TDRC takes up its rightful role as the research wing of the Ministry of Health

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